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Collaboration Synergies provides application analysis services for software vendors and end users that are focused on the user company and the planned use of a specific type of software application to support your manufacturing requirements

Collaboration Synergies Inc. is a leading advisor on business process management and business process modeling in manufacturing companies.We have hands on experience in process workflow, manufacturing process mapping, and process reengineering as used in today’s value chains.

Our contribution is based on over 20 years experience in the information technology environment and many more years as an experienced corporate manager responsible for performance results. Mr. Michael McClellan, a principal of Collaboration Synergies Inc. is a longtime leader in the manufacturing information technology systems field with extensive contacts throughout the industry.

Please review our website to examine our services as they relate to enterprise systems including manufacturing execution systems, collaborative manufacturing applications, supply chain management, business process management, and real-time enterprise system initiatives.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire further about how Collaboration Synergies Inc. can assist your business's needs relating to collaboration systems, supply chain collaboration, manufacturing systems or collaborative manufacturing please take a moment to fill out our short feedback form or call 360-833-8400.

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