Michael McClellan

Michael McClellan has over 30 years of experience serving and managing manufacturing enterprises. He has held a number of positions in general management, marketing, and engineering, including President and CEO for companies supplying capital equipment and material management systems to nearly every type of manufacturer. In 1985 he and a group of associates founded Integrated Production Systems, a company that pioneered the use of computer systems to manage and track production events on the plant floor. These systems are generally referred to as manufacturing execution systems and have found extensive use in varying forms in production facilities. His first book, Applying Manufacturing Execution Systems, defines manufacturing execution systems and explains the reasoning and history behind them. His newest book, Collaborative Manufacturing: Using Real-time Information to Support the Supply Chain, is the first definitive examination of collaborative manufacturing concepts.

He currently lives in Vancouver, Washington and is President of Collaboration Synergies Incorporated, an advisory company providing consulting services in the area of real-time manufacturing information systems, collaborative manufacturing system development and implementation, and manufacturing execution systems (MES). He is a frequent speaker at companies and manufacturing conferences, has presented a number of papers on manufacturing information systems, and holds one patent. He can be reached at mm@cosyninc.com.


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